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Subject: Text running into the footer in PDF



I’m upgrading to FOP 0.95 from 0.20.5 and from 1.70.1 to 1.74 for the DB stylesheets, and with the upgrade I have a particular long orderedlist (with another level of nested orderedlists inside) that no longer breaks correctly at the bottom of the page. Instead it keeps going down into the footer for two listitems before it then breaks to the next page and continues with the list. The place where it is supposed to break is in the middle of one of the nested orderedlist elements. The problem occurs even if I change the orderedlist to a procedure with several substeps sections. One other note that may or may not be relevant: some of the nested orderedlists (or substeps) have their own itemizedlist elements in them. The one where the break should occur does NOT have an itemizedlist in it.


Does this sound like a familiar issue to anyone?





Cheri Dennison / Technical Writer
AWS Platform Group


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