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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Long text inclusions that don't break anymore

I just confirmed your issue. It appears that the <example> formatting is the culprit, as it works fine if the  <programlisting> is not wrapped by an <example>.
Unfortunately, this mere mortal doesn't have an answer so you'll have to wait for the
Docbook gods to wake ;-)
This may be a bug?
Dean Nelson
In a message dated 8/19/2008 5:10:46 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, cherid@amazon.com writes:


I'm upgrading to FOP 0.95 from 0.20.5 and from 1.70.1 to 1.74 for the DB stylesheets. I’ve got a guide that has code snippets xincluded, like so (from Bob’s section “Using XInclude for text inclusions”):


<example><title>My program listing</title>

  <programlisting><xi:include  href="mycode.c"  parse="text" 




With FOP 0.95/1.74.0 stylesheets, any long code snippets that normally break correctly across multiple pages no longer occupy multiple pages. Instead, the code snippet tries to be on a single PDF page (bleeding into the header/footer). If it’s longer than the full page, the top part and bottom part of the snippet gets cut off and is not displayed. If I just copy the code directly into the XML instead of xincluding it, it breaks fine across pages as expected.


Is this issue with Xincluded code snippets a known problem? Is there anything I can do about it? My apologies if this has been discussed; I tried looking in the archives and had no luck.


Muchas muchas gracias!


Cheri Dennison / Technical Writer
AWS Platform Group


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