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Subject: Error in 1.74.0/xhtml/table.xsl: too many nested apply-templatecalls


I’m using the 1.74.0/xhtml stylesheets to build HTML (with ant, FOP 0.95, Saxon 6.5.5, Xerces 2.8.0), and I’m running into this error:


“Error at xsl:apply-templates on line 613 of file:C:/blah/docbook-xsl-1-74.0/xhtml/table.xsl:

Too many nested apply-templates calls”


The XML file that seems to be causing this is really stumping me. I can’t see anything obviously wrong in the XML. Does anyone have any hint as to what this error might be telling me? It’s happening in the middle of a very long table.


I do so appreciate it!!




Cheri Dennison / Technical Writer
AWS Platform Group


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