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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Parameters in Docbook Article


Thanks very much for the pointer.  I will give it a go and let you know how it goes.


2008/8/26 Camille Bégnis <camille@neodoc.biz>

yes that looks completely reasonable, you'd just need to decide what markup in the source XML would be used to hold the client name, for example <phrase role="xslparam" vendor="output.client"/> (completely wild guess).

and then define in your custom XSL the function that will match the above element and replace it with the content of the $output.client parameter....

Hope that helps,


Russell Seymour wrote:
Good afternoon,

I am starting to work with Docbook again after a long time of not using it.

I am trying to find my feet again, and I am sure there is something that I used to do that I cannot work out how to do how so I am hoping you will be able to assist me.

I would like to set a parameter on the command line that sets the client, e.g. --stringparam output.client "ACME" and then use the output.client within the Docbook markup and for ACME to be displayed in the final output.

Is this possible or have I lost I completely lost the plot?

Thanks, Russell

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