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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] An informaltable that chokes FOP

Title: Re: [docbook-apps] An informaltable that chokes FOP
did you remember to switch between extensions when changing between XEP and FOP?

<!-- =================================================== -->
<!-- activate XEP extensions -->
<xsl:param name="xep.extensions" select ="1" />
<!-- =================================================== -->
<!-- activate FOP extensions -->
<!-- <xsl:param name="fop.extensions" select ="1" /> -->
<!-- =================================================== -->

The attached short article renders perfectly in XEP but breaks FOP. The source of the problem appears to be my customisation layer: with XSLT against just the XSL distribution, the formatters produce identical results.

Or - is the problem with FOP's support for informaltable? If I change the informaltable element to a table element, both FOP and XEP again produce identical results against my customisation layer.

I haven't so far attempted any customisation of tables. Is there something I've written in the customisation layer that affects the informaltable element? Or is this a bug I should report to the FOP project, and if so, in what terms?

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