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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Separate Page for TOC

Thanks Stephen,

This worked like a charm.  I also worked out how to get the TOC on a separate page by customising the title page stylesheet.


2008/8/27 Stephen Taylor <sjt@5jt.com>
I've started using in the customisation layer

<xsl:param name="generate.toc">
book  nop

of a simple book that wants no ToC. Couldn't tell you much about the limits of this…


2008/8/27 Russell Seymour <russell.seymour@turtlesystems.co.uk>

Good morning,

I am beginning to find my feet again, which is great and I remember why I liked Docbook so much :-).

The problem I have now is that I would like to be able to do a couple of things:

1.  Turn off TOC completely
2.  Have the TOC on its own page

I have been scouring the Internet to find, what I think is something straight forward, but i have not been able to do it.

Thanks in advance,


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