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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] xinclude problem with docbook under eclipse

Stephan Schröder wrote:
> But nevertheless one problem remains. Eclipse itself doesn't resolve
>> the xi:include elements. So references between the files will be shown
>> as not existing IDs.
> OK, i can live with that.
The latest version of Eclipse Web Tools 3.0, should have an XInclude 
option for the XML Editor.  You need to go the Preferences to turn it 
on.   That should take care of the ID problem.

Also, the XSL Tools incubator, does include an xinclude ant Task that 
can be used to generate a combined XML file from the xincludes.   This 
file can then be passed onto the XSLT ant task.   Note the xinclude task 
still needs some testing, so any bug reports you find, please report 
them to the XSL Tools project, in the WTP Incubator.


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