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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Re: authors in refentry

Bob Stayton wrote:
 > > I agree with Mauritz that the default output for refentry should not be
 > > in the style of Unix man pages, with their separate sections for authors
 > > and copyright.  Those are not common sections for non-man-page
 > > references that I've seen.

refentry is explicitly geared for creating the regular man pages.
the html versions of man pages tend to be as similar to the roff man pages as
one can imagine them to be, and the only observable difference between the roff
and html man pages produced for clisp is the absence of the NOTES, AUTHORS and
COPYRIGHT sections. NOTES are not needed in html (hyperlinks work without them
better  :-) , but AUTHORS and COPYRIGHT should be there.

take a look at http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/man.cgi?query=mkdtemp and compare it
to what you see when you type "make mkdtemp".
they look pretty similar, right?
this is for a good reason - both represent the same document ("mkdtemp man
page") using different media: tty (roff) and gui (html). the information
content and, when possible, presentation are pretty much the same.

  > Adding them to the default refentry output
  > would expose information that currently is not exposed.

yes, and this information is already exposed in the roff version, so it should
also be exposed in the html version.


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