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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Re: authors in refentry

Mauritz Jeanson wrote:
 > >
 > > OK, now I understand a little better (I hope). In nroff output, you get
 > > AUTHORS and COPYRIGHT section headings. In HTML, you don't get these
 > > headings (but you do get the author and copyright information).


 > > Whether this is a bug or not can be debated. I don't think that the HTML
 > > output from refentry sources was ever meant to be a verbatim emulation of
 > > the nroff (man page) output.

if it was not, it is a design bug, IMO.
I see no reason for some information to be shown on one presentation of a
manpage and not on another. compare html man pages available on the net and
compare them to the roff pages you have on your machine - they look the same
and have the same content.

even if I were to agree that these sections do not HAVE to be present in the
html manpages, I would still insist that they should be optionally available
after setting a parameter.

 > > Below are two simple customizations that generate "Authors" and "Copyright"
 > > headings in HTML (the original templates are in titlepage.xsl). They may
 > > not be exactly what you want, but I hope they can be of some help.

they do not produce Authors and Copyright sections.
note also that the relevant code in docbook-xsl/manpages/info.xsl is quite
elaborate, and I suspect that the corresponding code for html will have to be
just as elaborate to be adequate.


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