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Subject: generated headers broken


I am having a hard time trying to figure out why the section names in
are so broken:

Section, “Initialization of Section, “Classes”s”

instead of

Section, “Initialization of class metaobjects”

the original XML text is:

<xref linkend="mop-cl-init-mo"/>

which points to

<section id="mop-cl-init-mo"><title>Initialization of &c-mo;s</title>

where c-mo is defined like this:

<!ENTITY c-mo '<link linkend="mop-mo-classes">class metaobject</link>'>


<section id="mop-mo-classes"><title>Classes</title>

what I don't understand is why the text generation for the header is recursive 
and why does it recursively replaces existing text (in this case, "class 
metaobject") with the generated text (in this case, "Section, “Classes”")

this is with the current xsl pages from
rsync -av --port=5873 docbook.xml-doc.org::xsl docbook-xsl


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