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Subject: Trouble with the new snapshot

Hello folks,

Since a long time I have not tested the new snapshot (docbook-xsl-ns- 
snaphot). So today I've downloaded the newest (form septembre, 13th)  
and try to generate my book with it.

Danmed ! It doesn't work, something looks broken.

I have two errors. First in highlighting/common.xsl :

SystemID: /Users/jacques/Desktop/docbook-xsl-ns-snapshot/highlighting/ 
Location: 16:0
Description: Attribute "d" bound to namespace "http://www.w3.org/2000/xmlns/ 
" was already specified for element "xsl:stylesheet".

The second one occurs in fo/callout.xsl :
SystemID: /Users/jacques/Desktop/docbook-xsl-ns-snapshot/fo/callout.xsl
Location: 57:0
Description: No template exists named number.rtf.lines

I looked every where to find what's wrong but I can't find anything.

Who can help me.

Thanks in advance,
Mac OS X Server à votre service, seconde édition (Leopard) est  
disponible au "Monde en Tique" <http://www.lmet.fr>".
Séance de signature le 20/09/08 à la librairie, 6 rue Maître Albert,  
75005, Paris

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