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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Opentype fonts


Lillian Sullam wrote:
> Is there an open source FO processor that can handle opentype fonts?  I've
> tried changing fonts with FOP (which I use now), but I can't get it to work,
> even with truetype fonts.  I'm currently using Saxon65, XSLT 1.0 and FOP
> 0.94.

I believe FOP supports OpenType fonts whose glyphs are described in the
TrueType format, but you won’t have access to the OpenType special
features like advanced ligatures or glyph selection. TrueType fonts are
definitely supported, so you probably have something wrong with your
configuration file. Have a look at the following page:
If that doesn’t help I suggest you to ask your question and provide
details to the fop-users mailing list:

> I have also noticed that FOP doesn't support double sided printing.
> Is this true?  Or is there a parameter that needs to be set for this to
> work?
> Thanks!
> Lillian Sullam


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