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Subject: Row spacing in PDF tables

Hi all,

I've got my tables almost totally perfect. I just have one more question (I hope!). There seems to be some kind of padding or spacing below each row that adds unattractive vertical space between the rows.  I could not find a way to adjust this distance in any documentation. I have decreased the cell padding, but that does not get rid of the extra space between the rows.

I'm using docbook-xsl-1.74.0, saxon 6.5.5, xep

I'll try to illustrate what it looks like:

Header Row

What I would like:

Header Row                                      

Here are my customizations:

<xsl:attribute-set name="table.cell.padding">
  <xsl:attribute name="padding-left">2pt</xsl:attribute>
  <xsl:attribute name="padding-right">5pt</xsl:attribute>
  <xsl:attribute name="padding-top">2pt</xsl:attribute>
  <xsl:attribute name="padding-bottom">0pt</xsl:attribute>

And here is a snippet of my xml:

<informaltable frame="topbot">
        <tgroup cols="7" colsep="0" rowsep="0">
          <colspec colname="c1"/>
          <colspec colname="c2"/>
          <colspec colname="c3"/>
          <colspec colname="c4"/>
          <colspec colname="c5"/>
          <colspec colname="c6"/>
          <colspec colname="c7"/>
          <thead rowsep='1'>
                  <emphasis role="bold">Header Row</emphasis>



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