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Subject: Quality of encoded charts . . .

 Say you have a body of texts about engineering or Sciences including
lots of drawings (colours are not important) with basically lines,
planes, ... how well can you encode and ultimately render/print such
charts using latex?
 If you want to specify, say, a circumference a la (X - X0)^2 + (Y -
Y0)^2 = 25 and then specify a line going right through its center Y =
P*(X - X0) + Y0, which what precision could you specify P?
 Could you specify any of these formulas of analytic Geometry?
 Is this a problem relating to DocBook or it is just related to the
resolution of the printer you use?
 Once I have a DocBook document I don't need a LaTeX one in order to
convert if to ps and pdf formats right?

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