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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] Column width specified by *

> -----Original Message-----
> From: honyk
> I have two column table. Width of the first column is 
> specified as 1.5*
> while the second *. For XSL-FO transformation Saxon with 
> column extension is
> used, but in result PDF file (produced with XEP) the second 
> column seems
> like of zero width (content of cell is overcrowded at the 
> border of table).
> If width of the second column is set to 1*, everything is Ok.
> I know, it is detail only, but at docbook TDG is written:
> "Proportional measures have the form "number*", meaning this 
> column should
> be number times wider than a column with the measure "1*" (or 
> just "*")."
> I understand with it that * and 1* should be equal. In HTML 
> output width are
> calculated properly...

Try turning off the table columns extension. It should not be necessary with
a compliant FO processor (such as XEP). 


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