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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] Inheritance of customized generated text

> > For two my projects I would like to share customized 
> > gentext and after importing this customization layer 
> > into next customization layer to perform additional changes

> The stylesheets load the stock gentext into a param named 
> $l10n.xml, and any customization gets loaded into the param 
> named $local.l10n.xml. When gentext is needed, an xsl:choose 
> statement first checks in $local.l10n.xml, and if not found 
> there, falls back to $l10n.xml. If you want three layers, 
> you would need a third param, and alter the xsl:choose to 
> add another xsl:when.

Yes, this is exactly what I've set now and it works excellently! It helped
me a lot.

I've transfered all gentext customization code into three separate XML
files. The first layer sets $local.l10n.xml parameter to common base XML
file and next layer sets the new introduced parameter $special.l10n.xml to
appropriate special XML file. I've added extra <xsl:when> statements into
gentext and gentext.template templates, so the first is checked special,
then local and finally default gentext file.

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