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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Olinks failing -- CaseA NOT matched -- SOLVED!

This was definitely an edge case. The problem is apparently a known bug 
in xslproc and libxslt. The issue was resolved by our Director of 
Engineering tweaking the Makefile and Makefile.inc. Here's Brian's 

The olinks were not working because they were not being included.

The olinkdb.xml file include several target.db files for each 
application. This include was occurring via the xi:include and 
--xinclude directive to xsltproc. Unfortunately there is a bug in our 
version of xslproc and libxslt that come with debian etch that prevents 
the includes with --xinclude is used with the --output option. We 
reworked our Makefiles to use the --output option and the olinks are 
working again.


Teya Burnham

Product Documentation Specialist
Kavi Corporation
DDN 503.813.9378

Advance the Standard!

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