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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] LaTeX + formulas & equations + graphics --> Dokbook + MathML + SVG

On Sat, Oct 18, 2008 at 7:52 AM, Stephen Taylor <sjt@5jt.com> wrote:
> We do appreciate that DocBook is designed for technical documentation and rightly contents itself with a lower standard of typesetting than TeX's ...
> Or perhaps you took the view that any kind of XML was a better medium than TeX for an archive?
 Stephen I would still disagree and I will again be "kind enough" ;-)
to explain to you why in details.
 I think these are "skinning the cat"-types of problems, not a problem
with the cat, docbook, itself. I am not claiming to be a docbook guru,
but I am a professional (Java, ANSI C, C++) programmer and since
docbook is xml-based, I would:
 1) depending on the client type of the sought output; which you could
get from the client based on their user-agent/browser and/or request
URL (what do they need a web page?, if so?, ... or a pdf or ps file?,
 2) channel the docbook through custom xsl or some code using
xpath-based addressing (which is based on MSO, so you will be able
able to safely point to any section of your docbook) this custom
preprocessing will, as Vincent Hennebert pointed out to me, if needed,
produce first latex and then use extensions like pstricks or
pdftricks; to then,
 3) produce the pdf, ps, html or whatever the output should be with
the processors that there are out there
 Please, notice that I did describe the steps as an explanation of how
to do it, but it is not a process spec this does not have to happen
each time a client hits your servers. You could and should easily case
your clients and (pre-)produce their output type once
 This would effectively be a poor's man CMS that would let you have
and eat your cake

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