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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Docbook with Math ML/Latex => PDF

Interesting... so does your friend go from \tex to math ml too?

I'd like to support both latex and math ml so conversion is something 
I'll need to look at if I going the AH/mathsvg route.


Dave Pawson wrote:
> No... but I know a man who does :-)
> Quite a lot in fact...
> In fact he's going to a mathml+xsl-fo interface meeting shortly
> to talk about this aspect!
> Simple fact. He uses XSLT to go from XML into \tex ... but
> then again he is just a little unusual.
> Very intimate with mathml
> One of the best XSLT guru's
> \tex guru, black belt. Omega author.
> So it's not really surprising he chooses that route.
> Of those offered I'd try AH if you can get a licence,
> Fall back SVG via Nikolai's software.
> Fall back... Look elsewhere.

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