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Subject: Roundtrip stylesheet questions


I have been experimenting with the roundtrip stylesheets for converting wordml to docbook for a few days and have a couple of questions I hope someone on this list could answer.
I couldn't find much documentation or discussion on the use of these stylesheets, but if there are resources I have missed, please refer me to them (I have looked at the specifications.xml).

1. For my how-to documentation I would like to have images, without captions, included in ordered-lists, but when I use the informalfigure-imagedata style in the word template, after conversion to docbook it causes my ordered list to be split into two lists - i.e. the numbering restarts.  I can change to style of the image object to "para-continue" and the list is not broken, but then my image gets a caption, which I do not want.  Is there anything I am missing that will alow me greater control over what is embedded in the ordered list and what starts a new list?  My assumption is that there would need to be more "continue" styles to allow this to work, is that correct?  I guess it's an inherant problem when converting from a liniar styled document (wordml) to the nested style of docbook.

2. I have downloaded the latest roundtrip stylesheets from the CVS repository, and they work a lot better, except that the "ordered-list" style in the template.dot does not show any numbers in word in the latest version - previous versions did.  Assuming this is a bug, and not intentional, if anyone who maintains these is reading this, perhaps you can add it to the to-do list.  Thanks.


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