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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Re: Docbook with Math ML/Latex => PDF

Bob Stayton wrote:
> Hi Dave,
> Since neither XSL-FO nor HTML have the capability to format MathML, this 
> would have to be handled with an XSL extension function.  The extension 
> would have to pass the MathML markup off to an external MathML engine 
> that reads the MathML, generates an image, and inserts a reference to 
> the image in the output.  It would be tied to a particular MathML engine 
> (most likely Java), of course, but it would be convenient.

Taking them one at a time please.
HTML I believe it's a browser feature?
So is it reasonable to simply pass the mathml through to the html?

Agreed there are no standards (yet). W3C seem very slow to get to grips
with multi-namespaced documents. Equally I know users want mathml in 
html. Until we know differently,  is this a proposal which (with 
caveats) could be put forward for docbook?

For xsl-fo, I'm hoping the XSL WG will be talking about it this week.
So I guess any solution would be an interim one.

> If you are talking only Antenna House and PDF output, then all you need 
> is to buy the MathML extension for Antenna House.  That already works 
> with the MathML pass-through feature in the stylesheets.

Yes. Today, at a cost, that seems the best way to do it.
Is your online book the most appropriate place to state that it can be done?

Listing the other options (I'd prefer it if people let us know how they
get on) I can take to the FAQ, and update as necessary.

I'd just like to
a) Recognise it
b) Let users know that it is doable - with .... whatever cautions.

Does that make sense for docbook Bob / others?


Dave Pawson

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