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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Using xep with fo output, font family selection.

Dick Hamilton wrote:
> Dave,
> You probably don't even need to do this; the default is as you
> show it below.
> I use XEP and am able to get Dingbats without any problem.
> However, if you are trying to force a carriage return in the
> middle of some text, this character doesn't seem to do the job.

No Dick, I'm talking about 'pressing Carriage Return' and want
a glyph to 'show' the symbol for it? It's not an actual CR?

> It just added a space in a programlisting and did nothing in
> a para.

http://unicode.org/charts/PDF/U2400.pdf shows the glyph (240D)
C subscript R sort of thing?

xep has that... but I'm unsure how to get from the NCR to the
character in the 'symbol' font?


Dave Pawson

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