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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Re: Docbook with Math ML/Latex => PDF

DeanNelson@aol.com wrote:
> An other thing that I have to deal with is multiple outputs: PDF, html, 
> MSHelp.
> With PDF jeuclid works fine. With html FFor IE7 can be dictated. 
> However, MSHelp is uninteligent and doesn't handle MathML.
> Does anyone have a solution for that? I don't really want to create a 
> process that converts the MathML to image. That would be my last resort.

Guess, but for mshelp that may be the 'final' option.

Perhaps one of the developers can help there, but AFAIK
MSHELP is not keeping up to date.

That does leave the question, how to get to the image, as a
docbook processing option.

Anyone got any preferences?
What format of images works best?
What does mshelp accept etc.


Dave Pawson

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