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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] chunktoc.xsl Problems

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Marvin, Scot 
> Is there any magic I need to know in order to get 
> chunktoc.xsl to work with DocBook 5? I can get one-page HTML 
> from docbook.xsl and chunked HTML chunk.xsl, but not from 
> chunktoc.xsl. 
> I'm using a custom version of maketoc.xsl that generates a 
> valid toc file. All of this has worked in DocBook 4, but 
> since I've gone the namespace route, I'm stuck.
> By the way, I've had to generate a DocBook 4 TOC file because 
> the DocBook 5 elements are not in place as of the NS 
> stylesheets at 1.74.

There are no DocBook 5 elements that need to be in place. This should just
work. However, there is one problem that I know of:

When you use the namespace-aware (XSL-NS) version of chunktoc.xsl, the
tocentry elements in the generated TOC must have the d: namespace prefix.
But because of a bug in the XSL-NS version of maketoc.xsl, this is not what
you get. Try to change all occurrences of "tocentry" to "d:tocentry" in your
generated TOC, and see if that helps.

I have fixed the bug, and an XSL-NS snapshot release is available.
Unfortunately, the regular snapshot URL
(http://docbook.sourceforge.net/snapshots/) is not up-to-date. To get the
latest snapshot, go to http://docbook.xml-doc.org/snapshots/. The updated
file is here: http://docbook.xml-doc.org/snapshots/xsl-ns/html/maketoc.xsl.


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