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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] DocBook 4.5 -> DocBook 5

Hey Lillian:

The conversion part is pretty easy. I agree with Tom that the stylesheet he referred to can make the transformation a snap. However, if you use xincludes or entities, your transformed DB 5 document structure won't mirror your DB 4 structure. Most stylesheets that I've seen create one large transformed file. 

Once you know what elements you need to replace, I'd recommend transform your doc manually if you want to retain the structure.

Two things that make me hesitant to call DB 5 ready for prime time: there's still limited or no support for roundtrip and, more importantly for me, if you chunk using a generated TOC then it flat-out doesn't work. At least with Relax NG. The problem seems to be--at least according to my feeble brain--that you can't generate valid TOC elements because the stylesheets still don't support them. Yet, when you generate the older DB 4 TOC elements, you can't validate the doc.

I love the idea of DB 5. I just haven't been smart enough to figure out how to use it for my own purposes.


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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] DocBook 4.5 -> DocBook 5

Hi Lillian,

On Mittwoch, 19. November 2008, Lillian Sullam wrote:
> I have been using DocBook 4.5 to produce documentation. I recently ran
> into a problem where some of my documents are in DocBook 5. Is it
> pretty easy to convert everything to DocBook 5?

In general yes. You can use the following stylesheet to convert your 
DocBook4 documents into DocBook5:


Maybe you have to check it to avoid some rare transformation problems. 
Therefore always validate your result documents before you apply further 
processing steps. :-)


Thomas Schraitle

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