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Subject: Syntax Highlighting in synopsis elements

Dear docbook users,


I use the xslthl.jar file to highlight my Java and XML programlistings and it works very well. I also generate an Appendix of my JavaDoc-Documentation with the  dbdoclet(www.dbdoclet.org) and include it at the end of my document.

In this Appendix, every class is written into a <classsynopsis> tag with <constructorsynopsis> and <methodsynopsis>  child tags, but they are not highlighted although every tag has a language attribute, they just have the formatting of my monospace.verbatim.properties attribute-set!


In Bob Stayton’s “DocBook XSL: The Complete Guide“ it says that “Highlighting works with programlisting, screen, and synopsis elements that have a language attribute.”.

Here you have an example of the structure:

<classsynopsis class="class" language="java">





        <classsynopsisinfo role="comment">// Public Constructors</classsynopsisinfo>

        <constructorsynopsis language="java">





        <classsynopsisinfo role="comment">// Public Methods</classsynopsisinfo>

        <methodsynopsis language="java">





          <methodparam><type>T extends &lt;any&gt;</type><parameter>dataAccessor</parameter></methodparam>



What did I do wrong? Thanks in advance.


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