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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Announce: Calenco: a collaborative XML CMS forDocBook

Camille Bégnis wrote:
> Hello,
> We (http://www.neodoc.biz) have been working for a long time on an
> internal project that could allow us to collaborate on documentation
> projects.
> This project is now released under a Free license and offers the
> following features:
> - Store content (XML, XSL, images, etc.) in a central repository, on a
> project and language basis
> - Transform content on the server to PDF or HTML
> - All through a simple Web Interface
> This release supports DocBook v5 out of the box.
> You will find all details here: http://trac.calenco.com/
> Including access to a live demo platform.

 From a docbook view, can a group of users each provide (for example)
on chapter of a book?
Then the entire book is generated?
I.e. collaborative authoring using docbook?

(The multiple languages is a neat idea :-)


Dave Pawson

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