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Subject: Text overflow in table cells


   If a table cell (in pdf) has a text token longer than fits in the said  
cell, I'd like to truncate the content instead of overflowing it over the  
contents of the next cell as seems to be the default.

   Here's a (somewhat) minimal sample:

	<title>Overflow sample</title>
	<informaltable frame="none" colsep="0" rowsep="0">
		<tgroup cols="10">
			<colspec colname="1" align="left"/>
			<colspec colname="2" align="left"/>
			<colspec colname="3" align="left"/>
			<colspec colname="4" align="left"/>
			<colspec colname="5" align="right"/>
			<colspec colname="6" align="right"/>
			<colspec colname="7" align="right"/>
			<colspec colname="8" align="right"/>
			<colspec colname="9" align="left"/>
			<colspec colname="10" align="right"/>

   The token "PARTIALSUBDRAUGHT" overflows into the next cell on the top of  
the text there - this looks messy. I know truncating the string and thus  
losing content is not a good thing either, but due to user demand I'd like  
to be able to do that.
   In this particular case the problem could be solved by resizing the  
columns appropriately, but all the cases are not that simple.

   Using hyphenation is not (always) an option either since some of the  
texts (like the one above) are identifiers and no extra "-" should be  

   Looking at documentation for <entry> (docbook table cell) I found  
nothing suitable. Did I miss something?

   I found this in fop faq:  

   Trying this out, I manually edited the xsl-fo and achieved what I  
wanted. I.e. I wrapped the <fo:block> inside <fo:table-cell> inside a  
<fo:block-container> like this:

   <fo:table-cell padding-left="2pt" padding-right="2pt" padding-top="2pt"  
padding-bottom="2pt" text-align="left">
       <fo:block-container overflow="hidden">

   Now comes the problem: I went through docbook-xsl customization options  
for table cells and found table.cell.properties and  
table.cell.block.properties, but they don't help me as it's not sufficient  
to set an attribute value.
   I hope I'm wrong, but it seems that the only way to achieve what I want  
is to hack "entry" template in fo/table.xsl (around lines 1022-1038).  
Also, as this behavior should be optinal, I should use role or style  
attribute something like role="truncate-overflow".

   Any better ideas?

         win xp sp 2
	docbook xsl 1.74.0
	java 1.6.0_11
	fop 0.95
	adobe reader 9.0.0


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