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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] slides: how to balance presentation and content

DavePawson wrote:
> Stefan Seefeld wrote:
>> I think I'm a bit confused now as to what the question is. What I'm 
>> asking for is a way to mark up slide ('foil') content in a way that 
>> allows me to incrementally build up the whole slide one step at a time. 
> Yet the description you gave went all the way to 'using' the slide set
> in a dynamic manner, that's why I wanted to understand the scope of
> the changes you talked about.
I'm sorry, it seems I expressed myself poorly.

> If we constrain the docbook work to markup only, I'd be happier.

Yes, definitely. I had nothing else in mind.

>>> In which case I don't understand enough to suggest anything.
>>> Could you define it? Simple example first?
>> Right now I'm using this:
>> <itemizedlist role="incremental"> ...</itemizedlist>
>> to generate incremental lists. (S5's javascript will detect DOM nodes 
>> with class=incremental and process them appropriately.) While 
>> something like this certainly works (although I'd rather use another, 
>> dedicated, attribute instead of 'role'), something like keeping list 
>> items and overlayed graphics in sync is not so easy (it's not even 
>> supported by S5 right now, but that's just a matter of programming ;-) )
>> I haven't thought this through yet myself, as I think it may be good 
>> to take the first step first...
> If you can look after the 'S5' end, and just keep the discussions here
> on markup, is that workable?

Sure. The only reason I mention S5 is because that's a practical example 
of a target medium, so looking at its functionality is a good way to 
plan what level of expressivity would be good to have in the markup. 
I'll spare you all my thoughts on how S5 can be improved...:-)

>>> Which is a mile away from semantic or even presentational markup?
>>> It is exactly xsl-fo. Take this block, flow it into that position.
>> <foil template="my-two-column-template">
>>  <block name="left">
>>    <itemizedlist/>
>>  </block>
>>  <block name="right">
>>    <mediaobject/>
>>  </block>
>>  <block name="footer"/>
>> </foil>
>> I.e., I add block elements that have little more semantics than 
>> 'divs' in html. Their layout can then be described by means of 
>> 'my-two-column-template' (which may trigger some chunk of CSS to be 
>> included with precise layout info for these blocks.
> Should they be in a foils namespace, being a docbook extension?
> (At least for db5)

Yes, I think putting the whole set of slides extensions into their own 
namespace makes sense for db5.

> Where (in the schema) are you adding them?
So far I haven't started yet messing with the schema. I hoped someone 
else would, meanwhile.  ;-)



      ...ich hab' noch einen Koffer in Berlin...

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