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Subject: manpage/docbook.xsl generated code broken for nroff

Hello list,

I'm facing another problem with the manpage generation from Docbook source:
I'm using `xsltproc` with the 1.74.0 XSL manpage/docbook.xsl stylesheet.

So far the manpages look allright on platforms that are using groff  
for formatting (linux, OS X), but on plattform where nroff is used  
(Solaris, Opensolaris) _all_ manpages come out bad, only header and  
footer are shown.

I've isolated the problematic code: it's coming from the template  
"define.macros" in manpages/other.xsl. If I remove the following  
macros, nroff processes the manpages ok: toupper, SH-xref, SH, SS.

The unedited generated manpage is attached. Source:

Imo the XSL stylesheet should be fixed to also support other *roff  
implementations than groff. Until then I guess I'll have to somehow  
inject my own "define.macros" stylesheet.


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