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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Greek Symbol problems with fop 0.95

Marcel Tromp wrote:
> I am including unicode 0x03b8 (theta) in my docbook xml. Fop seems 
> unable to render this anything else than '#'. I am only using base-14 
> fonts and theta should be included in its symbol font.
> Any idea how to make this work?

Find out how to ask FOP to load that font into the PDF


Are you sure theta is 'included' in that font?

Every font contains a particular set of glyphs. If no glyph can be found 
for a given character, FOP will issue a warning and use the glpyh for 
"#" (if available) instead. Before it does that, it consults a 
(currently hard-coded) registry of glyph substitution groups (see 
Glyphs.java in Apache XML Graphics Commons). This registry can supply 
alternative glyphs in some cases (like using space when a no-break space 
is requested). But there's no guarantee that the result will be as 
expected (for example, in the case of hyphens and similar glyphs). A 
better way is to use a font that has all the necessary glyphs. This 
glyph substitution is only a last resort.



Dave Pawson

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