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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] manpage/docbook.xsl generated code broken fornroff

Ralph B«Óhme <ralph@rsrc.de>, 2009-02-08 10:29 +0100:

>  OK. Please send me your ssh pubkey. Login will be then:
>  `ssh -p 20024 msmith@`

OK, I'll send it shortly.

>  That host is generally not up 24x7 so if you can please tell me
>  at what times you're gonna be working on this and your TZ.


> >> I got one working by completly removing the 4 mentioned macros: toupper,
> >> SH-xref, SH, SS. See:
> >>
> >> <http://netatalk.cvs.sourceforge.net/viewvc/netatalk/netatalk-docs/manual/man.xsl?revision=1.3&view=markup>
>  What was worrying me is if the generated *roff code relies on and uses these 
>  macros ? I.e. if I just remove them via a custom XSLT stylesheet or if you 
>  provide a parameter to turn it off, will the the generated *roff code use 
>  this macros defitions for its output ? Or are these just re-definitions ?

The SH and SS macros are re-definitions. The SH-xref macro is new.
So there is a call to it in manpages/refentry.xsl that I will need
to wrap in a conditional. The toupper macro is also new, but it's
only called by the re-defined SH and SH-xref macros, so simply
conditionally suppressing those will be enough.

I'll try to get the changes made and checked in. As soon as I do,
I'll let you know.


Michael(tm) Smith

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