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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Callouts v5

Bob Stayton wrote:
> Hi Dave,
> Yes, the HTML code uses an HTML table to lay out the calloutlist, and 
> the template with match="callout" in html/lists.xsl  sets the first cell 
> width to 5%.  If you widen your window, does the column get wider?  You 
> could customize that template to change the cell width.  Or you could 
> put non-breaking spaces between the callouts to force them to one line, 
> which should override the 5% suggestion.
> The FO code uses a fo:list-block with fixed 
> provisional-distance-between-starts, so it will have a similar problem, 
> probably worse.  The code should take into account the number of callout 
> bugs, so that would be a nice feature request.

How to handle font size Bob? Doesn't it depend on what I've selected
for the co marker? Using SVG I'm getting plain numbers.. Does it vary?
Generally though, a wider left column
then wrap the right column would (IMHO) work just as well? The wrap
would look more natural?

I guess my 5 co with one description is an edge case though.

I will put in the RFE though.

Thanks. DaveP


Dave Pawson

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