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Subject: Widow/Orphen protection oddness when using ProgramListing and Bridgehead

Hi all,

I'm extracting data from a great swack of .c files dropping the data into programlisting elements and then separating the different kinds of data with Bridgehead titles. Overall, it's working swimmingly, but I've run into an issue with the bridgehead creating unnatural breaks in the programlisting element. 

If a bridgehead is near the bottom of the page, it pushes to the next page and takes the last two lines of the programlisting with it. This creates a ~2in gap at the bottom of the page where the programlisting could have easly fit. I've adjusted the space-before.maximum of the section.title.properties to allow up to 3inches, I've adjusted the space-after.maximum of the monospace.verbatim.properties to allow 3in, I've looked in the FO generated and confirmed that there are no blocks in between the programlisting and bridgehead that would be making them stick to each other, but at this point I feel like I must just be pulling the wrong levers because nothing that I'm doing is having any effect.


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