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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Docbook workshop syllabi?

Hi Karen,

> It has been suggested that a workshop might help build buy-in and bring more
> people into the native-XML-production fold (versus producing documentation on
> the wiki or in Word, the two formats now used for our project).

I think producing documentation in the wiki is getting more and more popular
these days and is also known as "Documentation 2.0". There must not be a
gap between writing wiki markup and producing technical documentation in
a xml format like docbook. Me and my friends have founded a startup which
focus exactly on this aspect and developed a tool called "Scroll Wiki Exporter"
(http://www.scrollyourwiki.com)  which integrates e.g. docbook export
and single source publishing capabilities into the leading enterprise
wiki called
Confluence (made by Atlassian). Confluence provides out of the box
to import your Word documents into the wiki. So I think it would be easier to
argue that people should write their documentation in an enterprise
wiki utilizing
its benefits like graphical editors, access control, view restrictions
... and don't
have breaks in media switching between different locations/tools to
get information (wiki)
or to use/reuse this information for documentation purposes.

Cheers, Tobias

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