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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Docbook workshop syllabi?

Karen Schneider wrote:
> Wow, good comments all (and I hope more flow) -- I am on the road this 
> week but when I get back and the dust settles, I'll begin working on a 
> syllabus for the workshop and will share it with everyone. Michael, if 
> you want to show me material in draft, I would be happy to give it a 
> novice's look-over.

Good perspective, but try to keep it to two sided view?
How you would like it personalizing for your company,
and how it might be best for a more general Docbook workshop?

> Dean, thanks for the doc. Actually, the XML would help, too! In some 
> ways I *am* looking for specifics -- we have an initial "Book of 
> Evergreen" we'd like people to think about and when possible write in, 
> with its own style conventions and Docbook template. I'm also 
> considering using XMLMind (personal edition) as the example editor. I am 
> working with a documentation intern at another institution who also 
> suggested I begin by showing other examples of XML, to make the case for 
> it.

I think a specific XML editor would be down to you/your organization?
I.e. a customized version of the workshop?

> Tobias, you bring up an interesting angle. There has been discussion 
> (maybe not surprisingly) about whether we really "need" Docbook or could 
> just continue using our current Dokuwiki instance. There are XML editors 
> that are at least as comfortable as any wiki, but they don't have the 
> collaborative functionality you talk about. That's an interesting 
> workflow consideration. That said, we've had a recent spate of 
> documentation, some of it quite excellent -- but produced in Word.

I think workflow is a key component for docbook.
Output media, which editor, HTML, XML, PDF output etc?

Also the 'why docbook' would make a good session. I'm sure
Bob and Norm et al have material on that (else why are we all here :-)
Two views there. Why docbook for beancounters,
and why docbook for markup geeks, which should be two way.

That brings up another point.

what 'previous experience' should a tutor expect?
XML 'exposure' / experience?
XSLT experience
RNG/DTD experience?



Dave Pawson

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