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Subject: Changing a figure's title font size without changing an abstract'stitle font size

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I've been using DocBook for a while now, with great success and not too
many problems (or none that I could not find an answer to somewhere).
Today, I came across something that I could not find a resolution on the
web, though.

In an article, I have an abstract and a variety of figures. The font
size of the titles of both elements ("Abstract" in the case of the
abstract and "Figure [Number]: Title...") seem to be governed by the
same attribute set: formal.title.properties

So I changed the attribute set in my customization layer to get smaller
titles for the figures. Unfortunately, that also decreases the font size
for the abstract's title.
I was sure that changing the attribute set abstract.title.properties to
contain a font-size more to my liking should fix that.

Unfortunately, it doesn't (or I made a mistake, which is always possible).

I am using the stylesheets in version docbook-xsl-ns-1.74.0 for DocBook
5. I checked the FO file and it does already contain the wrong font
size, so it's not a FOP problem.

Could someone point me in the right direction on what to do in this

Thank you in advance,

	Juri Memmert

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