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Subject: indexterms break the keep-with-next for section titles in FO output

I'm using:
-- FOP 0.95
-- docbook-xsl-1.74.0 stylesheets

Problem: indexterm elements placed right after the section's title prevent the section title from staying with the following paragraph (which should happen by default because of the keep-with-next property).

I commonly structure my sections so that any indexterm elements come right after the title, like so:

<section id="Foo">
   <title id="Foo.title">Using Foo</title>

  <para>Here's a paragraph about Foo.</para>


This creates FO that looks generally like this (minus a few attributes):

<fo:block keep-with-next.within-column="always">Using Foo</fo:block>
<fo:block id="d0e9818"><!--Foo--></fo:block>
<fo:block>Here's a paragraph about Foo.</fo:block>

So, there's a comment inside the block that gets written for the indexterm. 

This causes a problem for the "keep-with-next" property. Ideally, the block for the section title "Using Foo" would be kept with the block for the paragraph "Here's a paragraph about Foo." But, because the next block is actually the empty block for the indexterm, the keep-with-next doesn't work, and the section title "Using Foo" ends up at the bottom of a page, disconnected from the paragraph that follows.

So my question is this: What's the best way to fix this? Do I have to just move all my indexterms somewhere else in the section (yuck! that's a lot of XML to touch). Or can I override the template for indexterms? Does that block for the indexterm actually need to be written to the FO at all (since it's just got comments in it)? Is it used in the actual creation of the index? 

Thanks for any thoughts you have on this!

Cheri Dennison / Technical Writer 
AWS Platform Group 

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. 
-- Arthur C. Clarke

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