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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] docbook testing

On 2/20/09, Florent Georges <lists@fgeorges.org> wrote:
> Keith Fahlgren wrote:
>   Hi,
>> That obfuscation tool happens to be easier (ie "possible")
>> to write in XSLT2
>   BTW, I only see replace() as being XPath 2.0-specific, and this particular
> usage could be easily rewritten using translate().

I'm sure you're right. Patches welcome.

>> but the rest of the DocBook-XSL stylesheets will stay XSLT
>> 1.0 for the time being.
>   If I remember correctly, there is a parallel XSLT 2.0 version, isn't
> there?

You are correct that there are unfinished XSLT 2 stylesheets. They
have the promise of being tremendously shorter but will require
hundreds of person hours to complete and won't be attractive as a
development target until DocBool 5.0 is formalized. I'd be delighted
to see active development on them restart under a motivated developer,
but I'm not holding my breath.


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