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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Title incorrect for figures in appendix

Hash: RIPEMD160

Bob Stayton wrote:

Hi Bob,

> I am not able to duplicate this problem.  First, it seems you included the 
> label attributes by accident in your sample.  When those are included, they 
> override completely the generated label number.

yes, sorry, that was an accident from one of the many permutations I
tried. Sorry for that.

> When I remove those attributes, I get just a single dot in the appendix 
> figure title.  Were you testing with the stock DocBook XSL stylesheets or a 
> customization layer?  If the latter, please test with the stock stylesheets 
> to determine if it is your customization layer that adds the two dots.

I did test with the stock stylesheet. Or that's what I believe I did. I
will recheck my build environment for wrong configurations somewhere.

> The two dots should be coming from a template in 
> mode="intralabel.punctuation", which is in common/labels.xsl. You don't see 
> that template expressed it in your chapter because it seems you don't number 
> your chapters, so the figures have only a single number without the chapter 
> number prefix, so there is no intralabel punctuation.

Thank you for the pointer.

I will re-test this and see if I can find out where I went wrong. Should
I find that the problem persists, I'll get back to you on this.

Thank you,

	Juri Memmert

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