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Subject: Re: [docbook] better internationalization issues again

margin-start can be emulated with margin-$direction.align.start

> as this is a big change and will appear in 1.75.
fair enough

> Thanks for the info on pre.  Are you saying that the formatting of a programlisting > element should always be ltr at the block level?
yes, there is no popular Arabic programming language so yes, it should
go from left to right unless one day I make one PL in this case I
should override that manually

> Regarding the encoding attribute, I agree with you that UTF-8 is the right value, but we cannot just change it without warning.   It could create problems when an HTTP server's configuration includes encoding information that does not agree with the HTML files.   People  have had to resort to various tricks to handle the quirks of older browsers.

I'll be fine with just including the docbook.utf8.xsl in archive file
even if it's not the default, having it there for long enough time
will do the rest

and yes of course, when testing I shouldn't use any external css
but is there a way to tell xsl to dump all it's bultin css [used and unused]
so that I can revise them but doing the dump with Arabic and English locales
then do a perl script then diff and the missing parts would show up
and some other tactics

> BTW, which rtl languages are you able to test with?
Arabic of course, you should expect that we are the largest Semitic
population  although the media  call us antisemitic this is ridiculous
but it's something funny :-)

Hebrew and Persian languages were included in the original patch

I know that there are about a dozen of languages that uses Arabic
alphabet but I can't list any of them except Urdu and Pashto but I
don't know more than that [eg. I don't know locale iso codes] and I
guess Urdu can also be written with a different  latin-like alphabet
(watch peacetv.org at the peak times for Urdu speakers I see that they
write it in both scripts)

Wow! it's nice to "meet" people like you from so far places!

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