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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] syntax highlighting doesn't work, nor throws errors.

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Mike wrote:

>>> If you get yours to run from command line then I give up too! thanks Juri
>> As for giving up... ANT is not the only way this could be done...
>> writing a bash script would serve the same purpose.
>> Would that be of more use to you?
> Yea, er sure, but what would the bash script be doing that the command 
> line isn't? (I mean, isn't a bash script just a series of command line 
> calls?)

Same difference. BUT it would guarantee that, once you have set the
paths in the script, everything else would be absolutely identical to my
set-up here. Which would guarantee that the error can ONLY be in the
paths set.

> I'll try and get ant installed.  Still, seems weird that this isn't 
> possible from command line...  If I can only get it working by using ant 
> then I should file that as a bug with the xslthl project.

No. You can get it to run in a variety of ways. However, using ANT or a
bash script guarantees that what I configured and what works here will
also work for you in precisely the same manner (minus the paths).

And once it has been established that it DOES work, you can always
extract the proper calls and use them as you wish.

I'll send a version momentarily.

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