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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] row/column borders for HTML tables in FO output

I see. Any idea about when we can expect improved support for HTML tables?

It sounds like I'm better off converting all my tables, or at least
those with complex layout, to CALS style to "regain" control. I have a
deadline coming up in 30 days; at that point a committee will be
deciding based on my PDF layout (among other things) whether or not to
migrate to DocBook 5 from unstructured FrameMaker.

Best regards,
Bergfrid Skaara

On Tue, Mar 31, 2009 at 5:50 PM, Shane Handford
<shandford@castlerockresearch.com> wrote:
> I'm running into similar issues.
> I believe that Docbook doesn't have complete support in the area of HTML
> formated tables at the present time.
> I'm currently working on a customization layer for borders specified with
> CSS styles.
> Also, I've had to add support in my customization layer for colspan,
> rowspan, align, and valign.
> I raised the colspan issue on this list last week and Bob Stayton had me log
> it as a bug.  I'll be logging other issues towards the end of this week
> after further research and experimentation.
> If anyone has more info in this area I'd love to know.
> ~Shane Handford
> Bergfrid Skaara wrote:
>> How do you set row borders and/or column borders for all HTML style
>> tables in FO output? Can it  be done in the stylesheets (for example
>> in the table properties templates), or do you have to edit the
>> attributes of all your tables? The latter seems inconvenient for a
>> large documentation set..
>> rowsep and colsep attributes on individual table elements are ignored
>> and also not recognized by the shema. I do however have a rules
>> attribute with values of all, cols, groups, none, and rows available
>> on the table element, but these are not recognized by the stylesheet.
>> I am using FOP and the DocBook 5 stylesheets and docbookxi.rng shcema
>> embedded with oXygen XML Editor v 10.0.
>> Best regards,
>> Bergfrid Skaara
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> --
> Shane Handford
> Web Developer
> Castle Rock Research
> 780.448.9619

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