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Subject: Adding line breaks to HTML source files

Hello all

Not a major problem, but something I was puzzling over:  how do the line 
breaks get into HTML source files generated from DocBook XML?  (or 
indeed any XML I suppose.)

I don't mean the <br /> ones, I mean the ones that format the page you 
can see when you "View Source" (which e.g. in PHP could be added by "\n").

I've noticed that when I use a <para> tag, the HTML-source result 
already includes line breaks separating the different paragraphs, plus 
some tabs indenting them as well.  But some other things, e.g. TOCs and 
<head> sections, come out all in one big line "behind the scenes". 
Ideally I'd like to add some line breaks into those too, to make the 
source file easier to read and check.  It wasn't obvious to me how the 
<para> templates were doing it though.

Is there an easy way and if so what is it?




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