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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Modular DocBook

Hello Betty,

> I have created two sections that I would like to integrate into a
> chapter. I have based my own files on Bob Stayton's Ch. 23 Modular
> DocBook Files. After transformation from xml to html, I cannot navigate
> to the two sections. There is likely some elementary error that I'm not
> seeing, but I'm new to DocBook.

I looked at your files and I've found some issues:

* SectionA.xml:
 -  There is a closing </para> missing (line 8)
 - You can not start a para in between a <listitem> and a </listitem>.
   ("???Are MARC extracts...") Either move the whole para or the 

* Missing Namespaces:
  According to the RELAX NG schema, you need the DocBook5
  namespace and a version attribute in the root elements of
  your two section files.

Hope that helps,

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