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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] dbtoepub and multiple sub-files and graphics

"Raphael Hertzog" <raphael@ouaza.com> wrote:

> dbtoepub doesn't cope well with docbook documents split over multiple
> files (either via DTD system entities or XInclude). The conversion to
> XHTML (by xsltproc) is fine but the images are not integrated in the zip
> file.

I don't experience this problem using a wrapper like  
'PROJECT-xinclude.xml' which generates a PROJECT.xml file (using  
'xmllint' in a 'Makefile'). The conversion afterwards to  
'PROJECT.epub' using 'dbtoepub' works fine (including many graphics  

PS: A few days ago I submitted a feature request (including a small  
patch file) to enhance the epub file such that the attribute  
'opf:file-as' of the 'dc:creator' element would be supported by the  
epub XSL stylesheet. No response until now.

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