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Subject: ePub metadata: dc:language

I'm using the 2009-04-10 snapshot of the DocBook XSL stylesheets to take 
advantage of the significant improvements I've seen in the repository 
with respect to ePub metadata.

So far (almost) everything works great:
- attribute "file-as" of "dc:creator" works like expected
- "dc:publisher" and "dc:identifier" works too
- "dc:description" works if I omit the optional <title>.
   Otherwise the title content gets part of dc:description,
   which might not be satisfactory in any case. I don't have
   a final suggestion for this, but maybe there should be at
   least a kind of separator (e.g. ':') after the <title>.

Inexplicably I can't get to work setting the language of the document 
using the standard "lang" attribute of the <article>:

<article lang="es">

ePub/docbook.xsl simply calls the "l10n.language" template from 
"common/l10n.xsl" but this does not lead to the expected result
(I still see:<dc:language ...>en</dc:language>).

Is setting the "lang" attribute not the correct way to specify the used 
language of the document?

PS: Converting the same document to HTML works like expected, I see
<div class="article" lang="es" xml:lang="es"> in the HTML file.

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