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Subject: Adding user comments to HTML output

Hi all,

I'm looking to add support for allowing user comments within DocBook generated 
HTML output.  It's not such an original idea (people like PostGreSQL and PHP 
have had this feature for a while) but I recently came across it again with 
the Hg book:


With the hgbook above, it looks like they're doing this using JavaScript to 
add the comments rather than adjusting the HTML XSLT customisation layer to 
emit the right HTML.  My preference would be to add this at the XSLT 
customisation layer.

My college suggested using http://www.intensedebate.com Although these people 
look good, I would like to use some open-source software rather than relying 
on an external supplier.

So, two questions:

 a.  anyone had any experience with adding support for
      in-document user-generated command with DocBook?

 b.  has anyone had any experience with specific commenting
      systems/scripts, such as www.intensedebate.com ?



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