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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Adding user comments to HTML output

Hi Paul,

On Thu, 16 Apr 2009, Paul Millar wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm looking to add support for allowing user comments within DocBook
> generated HTML output.  It's not such an original idea (people like
> PostGreSQL and PHP have had this feature for a while) but I recently came
> across it again with the Hg book:
> 	http://hgbook.red-bean.com/read/
> With the hgbook above, it looks like they're doing this using JavaScript to
> add the comments rather than adjusting the HTML XSLT customisation layer to
> emit the right HTML.  My preference would be to add this at the XSLT
> customisation layer.
> My college suggested using http://www.intensedebate.com Although these
> people look good, I would like to use some open-source software rather than
> relying on an external supplier.
> So, two questions:
>  a.  anyone had any experience with adding support for
>       in-document user-generated command with DocBook?

>  b.  has anyone had any experience with specific commenting
>       systems/scripts, such as www.intensedebate.com ?

Take a look at annotate:

Its an XSLT customisation combined with a CGI script.
It worked quite well for me when I tried it, but boy did it ever 
attract the spam monkeys.


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