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Subject: Formatting of refsynopsisdiv section in manpages broken with1.74.3

Hi list,

I'm using xsltproc with manpages/docbook.xsl xsl stylesheet from  
1.74.3 to create man pages for the OS project netatalk.
Inbetween 1.71 and 1.74.3 the output has changed: I'm receiving  
warnings on Debian 4 man and mis-formatting on all platforms where  
I've tested the manpages.

The source is [1]:
       <arg choice="opt"><arg choice="plain">-t </arg><arg  
       <arg choice="opt"><arg choice="plain">-c </arg><arg  
       <arg choice="plain" rep="repeat"><replaceable>file</replaceable></arg>

I've found an older generated manpage from 1.71 which generated this:
.HP 15
\fBachfile\fR\fB\fR [\-t\ \fItype\fR] [\-c\ \fIcreator\fR] \fIfile\fR...

1.74.3 generates this:
.HP \w'\fBachfile\fR\fB.\"\ achfile\ \fR\ 'u
\fBachfile\fR\fB.\" achfile
\fR [\-t\ \fItype\fR] [\-c\ \fIcreator\fR] \fIfile\fR...

Which generates a warning with Debian 4 man:
./achfile.1:26: warning [p 1, 1,5i]: can't break line
./achfile.1:26: warning [p 1, 1,7i]: can't break line
./achfile.1:26: warning [p 1, 1,8i]: can't break line

The output looks like this on all platforms:

                                                        [-t type]

                                                       [-c creator]


With 1.71 it looks like this:
        achfile [-t type] [-c creator] file...

My xsl file is [2].

Help is highly appreciated!


[1] Complete file:


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